About Our Partnerships

Pocket Aces Racing LLC is a racing syndicate formed to provide affordable opportunities for individuals to enjoy the “sport of kings” through fractional ownership.

Our goal is to provide all the fun and excitement that thoroughbred racing has to offer with a fraction of the financial risk, none of the hassle, and an extreme level of customer service.

There are many companies offering racing partnerships around the country.  Why should you consider Pocket Aces Racing when exploring partnership opportunities?


Shares in the Pocket Aces Racing partnerships vary based on a variety of factors including the cost of the thoroughbred, time of year purchased, where the thoroughbred is racing, who is training the thoroughbred, and the number of months of maintenance expenses which are being collected up front.

Typical partnerships are comprised of 10 shares and each share typically sells for $2,500 - $15,000.  We often make partial shares (halves and quarters) available as well.  Maintenance expenses are billed quarterly. Expenses are approximately $1,000 per quarter per share (9.9% ownership).  Three to six months of maintenance fees are normally included in the initial buy-in.

These rates pay for all expected, regular expenses associated with training and racing the thoroughbred with the exception of racing licenses.


A typical timeline for yearlings is presented below.  However, just like people, all thoroughbreds are individuals and mature at their own pace.  The training and racing of Pocket Aces Thoroughbred(s) will reflect that individual’s maturity and readiness. 

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