Caracaro Breeze: Two-Year Old Filly by Caracaro

Caracaro - Welcome Aboard,
by Rock Hard Ten, filly 2022 Chestnut


This filly has buckets of strength and plenty of scope. She has just enough size at the moment, but she is up behind quite a bit, which is an indication she has growing to do. We anticipate most of that growth will take place between now and the end of next spring. 

She has an exceptional engine and possibly the best shape and strength in her hind leg we saw at the entire sale. She’s built for speed.

She is correct through her knees and ankles and tracks well through her hind limbs.

This is one that Jun Park (of Knick’s Go and Sebilius) picked for us in the back barns and she is a very typical “Jun” horse. Handy, no extra flesh where she doesn’t need it, but plenty where she does. Above all, a great mover.

From what she’s shown us so far, we think she’ll have a good mind, one of the key ingredients in making a good racehorse.


Listen to racing and bloodstock manager, Marc Wampler, discuss her on ACES UP THE SLEEVE podcast at the 32:30 mark.



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1/8 share (1.25% ownership) – $1,500

*All expenses covered through September 2024!
*Expenses then billed necessary at a capped rate of $1,600 per FULL share


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