Pocket Aces Racing LLC is a racing syndicate formed to provide affordable opportunities for individuals to enjoy the “sport of kings” through fractional ownership.  Be more than just an anonymous shareholder. Be an actual partner!

Our goal is to provide all the fun and excitement that thoroughbred racing has to offer with a fraction of the financial risk, none of the hassle, and an extreme level of customer service.

Our Current offerings are:

2YO FILLY BY COLLECTED out of It’schemistrybaby by Meadowlake

YEARLING FILLY BY DIALED IN out of Honored Promise by Speightstown

YEARLING COLT BY TOM’S D’ETAT out of Diamonds for Lil by Summer Squall

YEARLING FILLY BY MCKINZIE out of Magic Spell by Majesticperfection

YEARLING FILLY BY CARACARO out of Welcome Aboard by Rock Hard Ten


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Why You Should Consider Pocket Aces Racing

There are many companies offering racing partnerships around the country.  Why should you consider Pocket Aces Racing when exploring partnership opportunities?


  • Affordable Shares: Unlike the majority of partnership opportunities, Pocket Aces Partnerships are affordable.  We don’t over inflate (or mark up) the price of the horses.  Shares in our partnerships are typically available for around $1,500 – $10,000 depending on the purchase price of the horse and the number of shares available.
  • In the Money: Pocket Aces runners have finished in the money in nearly 50% of their starts.  Even more impressive, Pocket Aces runners have “cashed a check” in more than 90% of their starts.
  • Capped Expenses: Because Pocket Aces Racing builds the initial budget to include all normal, expected expenses through a pre-determined period of time, additional expenses beyond the initial contribution are capped so that there are no surprises.  In addition, purse earnings are utilized to pay for future expenses.
  • Be a Partner, Not an Anonymous Shareholder:  The primary goal of Pocket Aces Racing is to maximize the experience of each and every partner.  Partners are invited to participate in every step of the process.  Join us at the sale as we select the Thoroughbred, help name the Thoroughbred, and of course, join us at the the track for the races.  Partners receive race video, winner’s circle pictures, and up-to date detailed information about the progress of the Thoroughbred.  What we know, you will know.
  • Communication: In speaking with many owners or participants in other partnerships, it became clear that a lack of communication with the managing members or trainers is a frustrating problem in the business.  Pocket Aces Racing is committed to frequent and open communication with our partners.  In essence, what we know, you’ll know.
  • In addition to quarterly financial statements,  we provide weekly reports regarding the condition and progress of the Thoroughbred.  We provide updates prior to each race, following each race, and any time between races in which something out of the ordinary may occur.  In essence, what we know, the partners know.
  • Racing: Depending on the track and type of race, Pocket Aces Racing makes dining and seating accommodations for partners.  All partners have the opportunity to speak with the trainer before and after the race.  Partners also have access to the paddock prior to each race.
  • Partner Protection Program:  We have had tremendous success getting our horses to the races over the years.  However, racing is extremely high risk, and sometimes, things happen that prevent horses from racing.  If that happens to one of your horses, you will a substantial discount on future offerings of our horses.
  • In addition, Pocket Aces Racing provides race videos and winner’s circle pictures as soon as possible after each race.


Shares in the Pocket Aces Racing partnerships vary based on a variety of factors including the cost of the thoroughbred, time of year purchased, where the thoroughbred is racing, who is training the thoroughbred, and the number of months of maintenance expenses which are being collected up front.

Typical partnerships are comprised of 10 shares and each share typically sells for $2,000 – $20,000.  We often make partial shares (halves and quarters) available as well.  Maintenance expenses are billed quarterly. Expenses are approximately $1,250 – $1,500 per quarter per share (9.9% ownership).  Three to six months of maintenance fees are normally included in the initial buy-in.

These rates pay for all expected, regular expenses associated with training and racing the thoroughbred with the exception of racing licenses.


A typical timeline for yearlings is presented below.  However, just like people, all thoroughbreds are individuals and mature at their own pace.  The training and racing of Pocket Aces Thoroughbred(s) will reflect that individual’s maturity and readiness.

  • September – October, Year 1:  The Thoroughbred will be purchased in the fall of Year 1.
  • October, Year 1:  The Thoroughbred will ship to an off track training facility where it will be broken (see definitions, “break”) and begin training.
  • December, Year 1:  The Thoroughbred will be moved to a boarding farm for some time away from the track to grow and mature.
  • February, Year 2:  The Thoroughbred will return to the off track training facility to continue training and preparation for the racetrack.  Training starts with light jogging (see definitions, “jog”) around the track gradually increasing up to 2 miles.
  • March, Year 2:  Thoroughbred begins galloping (see definitions, “gallop”), gradually working up to a two-mile gallop.
  • Late March – Early April, Year 2:  Two-minute licking (see definitions, “Two-minute Lick”) begins.
  • April – May, Year 2:  Thoroughbred begins breezing (see definitions, “breeze”), gradually increasing in speed and distance.
  • June – July, Year 2:  Barring any set backs, the Thoroughbred will ship to the racetrack to begin gate work and final preparation for its Maiden race (see definitions).
  • Late Summer – Fall, Year 2:  The Thoroughbred will make its racing debut.

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