Results 2018

Runner Date Track Conditions Distance Finish Earnings Chart
Storm Temple Pilot 12/30/18 Gulfstream Park Optional 5f 3rd/8 $2,600 Chart
Kate’s Golden Dude 12/29/18 Turfway Park Optional 6f 4th/8 $1,115 Chart
Aces and Eights 12/22/18 Turfway Park MdClm 5.5f 5th/10 $60 Chart
Moon Launch 12/22/18 Fair Grounds MSW 8.5f 10th/11 $0 Chart
Kate’s Golden Dude 12/14/18 Turfway Park Optional 6.5f 1st/10 $6,540 Chart
Aces High 12/13/18 Fair Grounds Claiming 8.5f 2nd/5 $4,200 Chart
Aces and Eights 12/1/18 Turfway Park MdClm 6f 3rd/11 $510 Chart
Conjuring 12/1/18 Mahoning Valley Claiming 6f 1st/7 $10,680 Chart
Twilight King 11/28/18 Mahoning Valley Optional 8f 8th/8 $219 Chart
Moon Launch 11/24/18 Fair Grounds Maiden Special 1m 70yds 4th/8 $2,460 Chart
Aces High 11/23/18 Fair Grounds Claiming 8f 5th/9 $720 Chart
Conjuring 11/12/18 Mahoning Valley Claiming 6f 3rd/8 $1,780 Chart
Nineteenth Street 11/11/18 Churchill Downs Optional 6f 2nd/7 $16,400 Chart
Aces High 11/1/18 Churchill Downs Claiming 8.5f 2nd/6 $7,600 Chart
Conjuring 10/27/18 Mahoning Valley Claiming 6f 7th/9 $199 Chart
Twilight King 10/26/18 Mahoning Valley Allowance 6f 9th/12 $327 Chart
Moon Launch 10/26/18 Indiana Grand Maiden Special 1m70 3rd/9 $3,100 Chart
Nineteenth Street 10/25/18 Keeneland Optional 6.5f 6th/10 $292 Chart
Kate’s Golden Dude 10/25/18 Keeneland Claiming 6f 3rd/6 $2,400 Chart
Aces and Eights 10/13/18 Indiana Grand MdClm 5f 10th/11 $80 Chart
High Powered 10/11/18 Keeneland Allowance 8f 10th/10 $276 Chart
Twilight King 9/28/18 Belterra Park Allowance 6f 3rd/8 $2,670 Chart
Nineteenth Street 9/28/18 Churchill Optional 6.5f 3rd/6 $6,200 Chart
Kate’s Golden Dude 9/25/18 Indiana Grand Claiming 5.5f 6th/6 $440 Chart
Moon Launch 9/23/18 Churchill Downs Maiden Special 6.5f 5th/10 $1,680 Chart
Conjuring 9/23/18 Belterra Park Claiming 6f 3rd/7 $1,590 Chart
Twilight King 9/9/18 Belterra Park Allowance 6.5f 2nd/6 $5,340 Chart
Storm Temple Pilot 9/8/18 Canterbury Park Optional 5f 1st/7 $18,000 Chart
High Powered 9/7/18 Belterra Park Maiden Special 8f 1st/6 $9,900 Chart
Kate’s Golden Dude 8/31/18 Indiana Grand Optional 5f 5th/6 $975 Chart
Conjuring 8/30/18 Belterra Park Claiming 6f 1st/7 $8,940 Chart
Aces High 8/22/18 Canterbury Park Optional 8f 7th/7 $480 Chart
Nineteenth Street 8/20/18 Presque Isle Stakes 6f 7th/10 $500 Chart
Copperplate 8/20/18 Presque Isle Optional 6f 4th/5 $1,000 Chart
High Powered 8/18/18 Ellis Park Maiden Special 5f 10th/10 $142 Chart
Storm Temple Pilot 8/17/18 Canterbury Park Optional 5f 1st/8 $18,000 Chart
Twilight King 8/12/18 Belterra Park Allowance 6f 4th/6 $1,285 Chart
Aces High 8/2/18 Canterbury Park Optional 8f 8th/9 $330 Chart
Nineteenth Street 8/1/18 Presque Isle Optional 6f 1st/5 $18,600 Chart
High Powered 7/27/18 Belterra Park Maiden Special 5f 4th/6 $775 Chart
Twilight King 7/27/18 Belterra Park Allowance 8f 1st/8 $13,980 Chart
Conjuring 7/27/18 Belterra Park Claiming 5.5f 3rd/6 $1,390 Chart
Copperplate 7/25/18 Presque Isle Optional 6.5f 4th/7 $1,150 Chart
Storm Temple Pilot 7/21/18 Canterbury Park Optional 5f 7th/7 $450 Chart
Conjuring 7/13/18 Belterra Park Claiming 5f 5th/10 $110 Chart
Copperplate 7/10/18 Indiana Grand Allowance 5f 4th/7 $1,725 Chart
Aces High 7/4/18 Canterbury Park Optional 8f 1st/6 $19,200 Chart
Storm Temple Pilot 6/24/18 Canterbury Park Optional 5f 4th/9 $1,500 Chart
Nineteenth Street 6/23/18 Churchill Downs Optional 7f 1st/5 $37,200 Chart
Copperplate 6/22/18 Belterra Park Optional 5f 4th/4 $825 Chart
Aces High 6/16/18 Canterbury Park Optional 8.5f 2nd/6 $6,400 Chart
Twilight King 6/10/18 Belterra Park MdClaim 6.5f 1st/4 $8,255 Chart
Conjuring 6/1/18 Belterra Park Claiming 6f 3rd/5 $1,440 Chart
Nineteenth Street 5/26/18 Churchill Downs Optional 6.5f 3rd/6 $5,700 Chart
Copperplate 5/21/18 Presque Isle Optional 6f 4th/7 $1,400 Chart
Aces High 5/11/18 Canterbury Park Optional 8f 4th/6 $1,650 Chart
Conjuring 5/11/18 Belterra Park Claiming 6f 2nd/8 $2,880 Chart
Nineteenth Street 4/28/18 Churchill Downs Optional 6f 5th/7 $1,770 Chart
Nineteenth Street 4/6/18 Keeneland Optional 6.5f 3rd/6 $7,800 Chart
Aces High 3/29/18 Oaklawn Claiming 8f 8th/8 $333 Chart
Copperplate 3/17/18 Turfway Park Optional 6.5f 1st/11 $12,440 Chart
Aces High 3/11/18 Fair Grounds Optional 8.5f 8th/8 $0 Chart
Nineteenth Street 3/10/18 Fair Grounds Stakes 5.5f 7th/11 $500 Chart
Copperplate 2/17/18 Turfway Park Optional 6.5f 2nd/6 $4,080 Chart
Nineteenth Street 2/1/18 Fair Grounds Optional 6f 3rd/6 $5,170 Chart
Conjuring 1/25/18 Turfway Claiming 5.5f 7th/10 $71 Chart
Aces High 1/21/18 Fair Grounds Optional 1m70 1st/6 27,000 Chart
 Copperplate 1/19/18 Turfway Park Optional 6f 5th/8 $503 Chart