Special Announcement – Share Availability

A rare opportunity has presented itself to the Partnership in the form of the first true Pocket Aces Racing Dispersal Sale. A charter member of Pocket Aces Racing LLC has decided the timing is right for him to make a major reduction in all of his thoroughbred holdings. This includes shares in many of the current Pocket Aces Racing horses. This partner has been with Pocket Aces Racing LLC since the purchase of our very first horse in 2005, Victory Morning, and he has been a partner with MULTIPLE shares in all 44 of our horses since that initial purchase. The reduction of his interests in Pocket Aces Racing horses has been a difficult decision but due to his age and serious health concerns he has decided to sell a portion of his Pocket Aces Racing shares in each horse listed below, while still retaining some ownership in each one. In this way, he hopes to achieve his goals of A.) Simplifying his participation in Pocket Aces Racing while remaining an active member B.) Reducing his costs and C.) Creating new and exciting opportunities for current and potential Pocket Aces Racing LLC partners. We look forward to helping him realize these goals and assisting everyone with their inquiries regarding this offering.

Counterstrike – 1 share – $26,500; 1/2 share – $13,650; 1/4 share – $7,100

First Contact – 1 share – $4,500; 1/2 share – $2,300; 1/4 share – $1050

Kate’s Golden Dude – 1/4 share – $650; 1/8 share – $350